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Ulla Andys Home Page
Rocky Horror

Hello and welcome to my site, this site is dedicated to The War Of The Worlds, My friends, Family and Rocky Horror, so i hope you can find something you like here, Ulla-Andy x


5th April 2006
erm..HAPPY NEW YEAR sorry its bene a while i know! but hey i've bin having fun! am happy at the moment because im back in contact with one of my BEST friends Cristopher (cristof) and that about it really, the site is undergoign matinace at the moment aswell new images and stuff...
23rd september 2005
Hi, im so fuckign happy at the moment cus im FINALLY goign to the US next month from the 19th october to the 2nd november! it is goign to be the best ever!! also i have finished my 2005 WOTW tripod model with help from Cunt'N'Paste i will be putting it up on the site today.

Bonkers 15 artwork

19th September 2005
Well nothing else has really changed on the site apart from a mound of information on the War of the worlds and Rocky Horror pages there are also a few pictures added on the WOTW page the forum will be up and running soon aswell once i get my confirmation through :-)

15th November 2005
YAY IM BACK FOR A WHILE!, there so much happening theres may birthday party on the 26th, war of the worlds being released on the 16th bonkers 15 out on the 5th december see artwork below, and teh site will be getting a few new updates here and there, mainly in the forum and friends section.
18th September 2005
Hello and welcome to the birth of my website, the outlet for my creativity or whats left of it because most of it is used in my drawings and sketches, so welcome and i hope you can find somethign you like :-)
Ulla-Andy x